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Help Lori Get Mobile

Lori's health is declining . We want to get her the best medical treatment available for arthritis there is, so Lori can have quality living and longevity.

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Posted 2017-08-22T22:16:35Z

How is Lori Feeling?

Lori is feeling small gradual improvements in her health.  The doctor said not to expect to see improvements until 6-8 weeks after treatment, then improvements should continue for 4-6 months.  Lori still has bad days, but on her good days she is able to do some things she hasn't done for a long time, for example raise her arms above her head and walk up stairs with alternating legs!  Praise God!

Lori's diet is going well.  She can't eat any sugars or flours.   Most of her diet consists of lots of protein, expeller pressed fats, and leafy greens.  Naturally raised meats and organic vegetables are best.  She can have small amounts of fruits, high carb vegetables (no white potato), and milk products from grass fed cows. She is finding the hardest part is taking the supplements and medications prescribed by her doctors and her nutritionist.  She swallows 42 pills a day! 

Special Prayer Request: One of Lori's auto-immune conditions causes her teeth to be weak and to rot easily.  Saturday evening she was eating a carrot and her front tooth broke off at the base.  Pray that her dentist will have wisdom on the best procedure for Lori.

Praise Report: The Pizza Fundraiser brought in $410 to help cover the traveling costs to Panama.  Thank you to everyone who prayed, and who sold and bought pizzas and cookie dough.  We could never have done it without your help as we were tired of fundraising.

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