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Posted 2020-04-01T04:11:41Z

Week 4 Post Treatments

Well I have officially entered week 4 after radiation and thought I would send an update.  After talking to the Dr and getting a new medication for the esophagitis, I can finally say, I am getting some relief and  with the pain lessening I am able to eat a little better.  I actually have some energy. I never thought it would actually take to week 4 before I began to feel better. Dennis and I have been trying to get in walks everyday, and I am up to walking about a mile a day.  With the pandemic and all of the stay at home orders in affect, we are trying to keep our heads down and stay as healthy as we can.  We hope you all are taking the orders seriously and staying healthy also.

Today was a big day, we closed on our new house.  We are planning to slowly move over the next few weeks.  I feel a little sorry for Dennis since he will be doing most of the heavy lifting, but we will just take it slow.  We have two PODs we need to get delivered and to move our apartment goods.  We have until the 17th to clear out of our apartment.  It actually will be an adventure to see our household goods since they have been in storage for more then 2 years.  Probably a lot of stuff we don't need or want anymore.  LOL  


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