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Posted 2017-08-10T18:46:00Z

The concept of blood pressure and hypertension


Blood pressure is controlled so that hypertension can be detected and controlled - to decrease the chances of heart attack, heart failure, aneurysms, stroke, kidney disease - all known complications of hypertension. Blood pressure is affected by peripheral resistance, cardiac output, and blood volume. How "elastic" blood vessels contribute to peripheral resistance, but not the whole story

Sodium, protein intake (serum albumin) and hydration are the three primary determinants of blood volume. Elevating blood pressure from salt is a misconception, and if you investigate heart failure, for example, and hyponatremia, you will see how important is proper sodium intake.

Salt is dehydrating because it lowers vasopressin and antidiuretic hormone. It also dehydrates the cell. When the cells are failing, they become record water, so sodium can remove this water into the bloodstream and increase the metabolic rate of the cells. This is why sodium helps in weight loss.

A higher metabolic rate thins the blood, further reducing blood pressure. Hypertension called "salt sensitive" is caused by a low level of calcium, which differs absolutely from any other type of hypertension.

Credible diet for hypertension

More vegetables, whole grains, healthy oils, lean meats ... Actually, very few people are sensitive to salt and have high levels of sodium. There are diet elimination techniques (eliminate salt for a couple of weeks, then take a salty snack, drink plenty of fluids, pee, wait and test your blood pressure) to see if you are salt sensitive; But for most people with healthy kidneys who consume adequate water; Salt is not the problem. What is it? Lack of exercise, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes / pre diabetes, high cholesterol and clogged arteries, low folic acid and hardened arteries. Are there any connections with infertility in men? Maybe not

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