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Posted 2017-08-30T09:13:42Z

Did you know Vinegar works as an appetite suppressant

I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 25 years. After eating certain foods there is gas and diarrhea. But last week I bought this drink that has ginger, honey, molasses and apple cider vinegar in it, and when I ate it with my dinner meal, there was no gas or diarrhea. I was surprised. Then the next night the same thing happened, no more gas or diarrhea, so it dawned on me that vinegar could work as a natural appetite suppressant

Then I looked up if vinegar helps with digestion, and I saw that it might help with lactose intolerance. Not only that, my appetite has also been reduced, perhaps because more of the food is being digested and the nutrients are being absorbed by my body, so I feel less hungry. Has anyone else had similar results with vinegar?

So you can add vinegar to your list of appetite suppressant, they are cheap and handy, other than that, apple vinegar offers a whole lots of health benefits like

balancing of blood sugar

removing warts

cleanses candida

soothes sunburn

lowers blood pressure


teeth whitener

So it would be a good addition to your daily routine


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