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Posted 2017-08-31T18:44:46Z

Does hitting your head hard result to brain injury?

I was wiping under the glass table when I was trying to support my front head hit the glass so hard that it feels like my neck cramped for a moment and it feels like my head is flattened. I feel some pain in the back of my neck where the spine is. Don't you wish you could use some real life limitless pill to restore your brain

I recommend you check it out. In general, not all head injuries cause brain damage, so we have a skull that acts as a protective case for our brain. But if you experience pain near your spine, that is certainly cause for concern.

People who have hit their head and spine come to the neurologist! You need an MRI of the cervical spine (cervical vertebrae are 1-5 from the head down). Very important for cognitive functioning and basic physical controls.

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