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Posted 2019-03-16T01:52:53Z

Great news, Sad news

We saw Dr. Tasha Hunter, David's oncologist on Monday, March 11. The great news is she did not recommend chemo. This was not what David expected. Instead he will take Tamoxifen, an estrogen-blocker for 5 years. This is a very common treatment. David has Stage 1A in his right breast and Stage 1B in the left. Dr. Hunter explained that the goal for treatment is a cure. If she had recommended chemo followed by Tamoxifen, the increased chances for a cure were less than 1 percent. David will see Dr. Hunter again in a month to check on any side effects.[...]

Posted 2019-03-02T23:28:08Z

Team Approach at SCCA and News

SCCA's team approach has been so helpful. I appreciate that the Patient Care Coordinator facilitated David's excuse from jury duty, provided a medical slip to bypass ferry lines, and also helped to secure a refund for the EPIC Ski Pass David purchased. It's also great to be able to call David's Nurse Navigator for answers to my questions. She also let me know if I wished to speak to a social worker, she could arrange for that at no charge. A healthy diet has always been important to David, so we have a visit with a nutritionist before his 3/11 oncologist appointment. It will make a longer day but at least it won't be dark when we head to Kingston for the 7:55 ferry![...]

Posted 2019-02-20T03:49:51Z

Post Surgery Thanks and Report

David and i wish to thank everyone who has sent encouraging messages, cards, and gifts! It was wonderful to have Erica, Aaron and Aidric here the first post surgery days. The past 2 weeks David has been able to rest and begin the recovery process. In some ways all the initial snow was a blessing as it kept us quietly at home.[...]

Posted 2019-02-05T19:02:50Z

Aidric's Report on Papa

Aidric brought love and cheer when he was here over the weekend with Aaron and Erica. He watched over his Papa very carefully and wrote this report. An excellent reader, he still loves to choose books for me to read to him. One of his favorites, read to Aidric and Erica, is Need a House, Call Ms Mouse. This was a birthday book given to Erica in 1982 by Gretchen and Scott. Now out of print. [...]

Posted 2019-02-04T22:09:12Z

Snowy Day in Port Townsend

At home with David. He dons his down parka and goes out every few hours to feed the wood stove in the shop. Schools closed throughout the Puget Sound region. I made homemade tapioca pudding yesterday - soup and bread today. A good week not to travel. For Christmas, David gave me an indoor-outdoor thermometer that sits on kitchen window sill - reading 25 degrees outside. Yahoo...[...]

Posted 2019-02-02T20:01:00Z

Dr. Kristine's Initial Report

The OR screening of sentinel nodes on both sides showed no cancer cells. Final path report will come by Thursday. The best possible news. David is up today and started the new tractor. Aaron and Erica have been splitting and stacking the wood the George "tractored" up from the lower clearing to the driveway last week. Aidric chose Peter Rabbit as our movie last night! Thanks to all for the help and support. [...]

Posted 2019-02-01T23:53:12Z

Glad to be back Home

Aaron, Erica and I spent time this morning with David in the hospital. Dr. Calhoun stopped by to check on David. Gina came by with a bag of treats that Emmett and Aidric picked out for Papa. Aaron and Aidric will drive over after school today - Emmett will stay home with Gina because of hockey. David is glad to be home. Thanks again for the love and support. [...]