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Posted 2019-02-25T20:09:10Z

The Stops and Starts on a Cancer Journey

We learned this morning that David's appointment with his oncologist has been changed to March 11 - another week of waiting. I'm learning that the stops on the journey "Wait Bench" come regularly. 

In other news, Erica flies off to Ski Guide in Norway on March 7 and we look forward to her visit before she leaves. We know she will share wonderful pictures from the new Lofoten Ski Lodge and the mountains where she guides. Check out

David and I also look forward to a visit from old friends Mike and Ann sometime this spring. And there will be a trip to Seattle to see Emmett play LaCrosse - We didn't image in 2006 that we would have a hockey goalie and Lacrosse player grandson. Plus Aidric's 10th birthday coming soon and that's a very big deal!

We will take our Airstream for repairs and dewinterizing soon - Time to make some Adventure Airstream plans. 

David is recovering from surgery - and working hard to not do too much, too soon. Thanks for all the love and support.

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  • Emily Bingham
    Emily Bingham

    Hi Margaret and David, Thanks for the update. Waiting is really difficult! I'm glad you are talking about traveling with the Airstream. Getting out on the road for short or long trips would be great. If you head south to California, we would love to see you. Emily

    one year ago · Reply
  • Chris Engle
    Chris Engle

    Spring Training? The Dodgers need your power to left field. Keep getting stronger Bro'.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Eileen Cuba
    Eileen Cuba

    Making plans for adventuring in the airstream sounds great! Especially as the piles of snow are melting and the daylight hangs on a bit longer each day. Thank you for the update...sending love and healing thoughts. Eileen and Kim

    one year ago · Reply
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