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Sharron Coontz Sharron Coontz

Hi, David and Margaret. Here's a blast from the distant past. With great sorrow I read about the passing of Helen and wondered if there were any way I could send you a note of condolence. Google turned up this site and I see you're on a difficult enough journey of your own, though facing it with intelligence and heart, as I'd expect. But added to your stress is the pain of losing Helen. I am so sorry!

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is the place to be. You know they'll help you through this. And clearly you have a huge supportive group sending love your way. Please count me as a member.
Sharron Coontz
sharron,[email protected]

Tom Yelin Tom Yelin

Dear David and Margaret,

Kirsten and I have been following all the recent events and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

We apologize for not having communicated sooner.

Bravo to David for speaking with the local reporter! Male breast cancer is something many men have never heard of. My 21 year old brother succumbed to it in 1969. Thank goodness cancer treatment has made astronomical advances since those primitive days!

We are thinking of you all!


Tom and Kirsten Yelin

Eileen Cuba Eileen Cuba

Kim and I send much love and healing thoughts from Seattle! Eileen

Alison Engle Alison Engle

We hope all went well today and you are having a restful night. We want to let you know that we are thinking of you and send our love. Hugs, Bill & Alison

Chris Engle Chris Engle

Steady hands Doc, that's my Bro'.

Janet Kearsley Janet Kearsley

Margaret and David,

Sending healing blessing to you both during this journey you are on together. David, wishes for a successful surgery, recovery and a smooth transition into remission. May you be blessed with many years beyond this health crisis blimp on your path. That silver stream trailer definitely doesn't have enough miles or been to too many rallies yet.

Janet Kearsley

Michael Powe Michael Powe

"You thought the leaden winter
Would bring you down forever,
But you rode upon a steamer*
To the violence of the sun."

*Or, a Boeing.

Let's share this glory hole!

Margaret Engle Margaret Engle

Thank you everyone for kind words and for poems and scripture that strengthen the heart.

Melanie Engle Melanie Engle

David - I bet you are stoked about Edgar getting into the hall of fame! Now you gotta get better so you can go to another parade in Cooperstown. Love you bro!

Carrie Ehrhardt Carrie Ehrhardt

Hello Dr. Engle and Margaret. I'm so happy to be included in the group that has access to this site. I am asked all the time if I know how David is doing, and now I will have the information to pass onto current and former colleagues. The David Engle I know is strong. I saw you kick plenty of ass here in the district, and this situation will be no different. Know that I am thinking of you and send healing thoughts your way.
Sending love to you both,
Carrie Ehrhardt

Michael Powe Michael Powe

And here I model my favorite hoodie.

A timely message, too! 😀

Kathryn Townsend Kathryn Townsend

David--our helicopter trip into the Selkirks comes to mind--up in the clouds with the sun, the snow, the rock and the ice--I'm ever contemplating a re-do. What do you think? OK, cancer, hip replacements, all the other crap we have going for us--nothing a little BC mountain air can't do to lighten the spirit, right? Hold that thought! We can go hang out with those long-horned mountain goats!
Kathryn, Patrick, Meg and Liz

Michael Powe Michael Powe

"And then the pig'll turn around and there'll be this pony."
"Oh no, man, kangaroo."
"And they eat it when they get it home."
"If it's still alive."

We've traveled this road together for a long time, my friend. And we've miles to go before we sleep. Also, you have to write those memoirs.

Reminder: Margaret is in charge. Margaret.Is.In.Charge.

See you soon.

"Rocket Morton takes off again into the wind!"

Belinda Chase Belinda Chase

We are sending love and strength for healing and speedy recovery. Stay strong most esteemed eldest cousin!! Love to you and Margaret.
Belinda, Kevin, Emma and Melanie

Diane Malone Diane Malone

David, Sending big hugs, love, and positive thoughts for a successful surgery and recovery. Your family, neighbors, and works around you, need to have you there for them. Big hugs to Margret!
Diane M. Tacoma