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I have whaaat???

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Brief update -2nd and 3rd opinion

We were able to get into Mayo this week. Another curveball.

The neurosurgeon we met with at Mayo recommended a wait and watch approach. He suggested a repeat MRI to get a grasp of how fast it is growing. My tumor isn’t currently causing any neurological symptoms and he thinks it could be a long time until it does. So he doesn’t think the benefit or surgery right now is worth it. What a relief and a shock! 

I was under the understanding that if we waited it was only risking neurological function and also waiting would make it harder to get out. This surgeon said, “I know what I’m going to find when I get in there. It is already sticking to vessels and tissue and I very likely will have to leave some of the capsule.”  

So since this approach is so vastly different than our first, we are getting a third opinion and finalizing our plan. 

If I had to make a defintive decision right this moment, I would say we’ll have that repeat MRI and go from there. I just can’t imagine going through brain surgery right now. I also am 100% fine living with these headaches the rest of my life if it means avoiding surgery. 

So, more to come this week with our 3rd opinion. 

Thank you EVERYONE for the outpouring of support and love.  Wow. What a life event to really show me how many amazing people I have by my side! ❤️

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