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Holly Gibbs Sparkman

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Day 31 - Saturday - 11/18/17

Holly Update #30:

Our pastor, John Theisen, tells us, when you have the opportunity, "Make much of God!" Well here goes...yet again.

Yesterday, at the hospital, we met with a very nice gentleman, a coordinator with Select Rehab, in Denton. He was gathering needed information from us and UTSW. Select was recommended to us by UTSW, for In-patient rehab after her stay here. He told us he would file all the information with the insurance company and we would have to wait on their decision, probably by next Tuesday. He also said they might not approve it, because of the level of care she will need, initially. They might want her to go to a skilled nursing facilty, less required PT, which is not what she needs. We talked "What if's?" at length. Finally, we told the gentleman, I don't know how you feel about this, but God has had His hand on this whole experince since day one, He has yet to let us down even once...He has got this!! He has been all over this, He will take care of this too! The gentleman said "I agree with that completely!"

I posted about four o'clock yesterday asking for your specific prayers for this issue. At around 6:00, he called Steve and told him, I have been doing this for years and I have never, ever, not even one time, had an insurance company reply with an APPROVAL, this quickly!! It is a God thing!

HE is absolutely incredible!! And so are you!!

Holly is doing everything they ask of her. She is improving a little everyday. Today she has dialysis, pray for a good day.

"And whatever things you ask, in prayer, believing, you will receive." Matthew 21:22

We love you!

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