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Holly Sparkman - Journal

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Posted 2017-11-28T01:33:05Z

Day 40 - Monday - 11/27/17

Holly Update #39: Final Update (Until some more pertinent information comes along.)

If you will allow us one more post. Holly is settled in at Select and her first day was wonderful. She ate most of her breakfast and lunch.
The feeding tube is coming out tomorrow!
She stood and took a few steps today!
Her regular voice is back, about 90 per cent of the time!
Still working on kidney function, but it is improving![...]

Posted 2017-11-27T01:27:56Z

Day 39 - Sunday - 11/26/17

Holly Update #38: We are in Denton!

She made it. We are at Select, in Denton. We got here about 6:15 tonight. Some of you already know that, because she posted it herself a while ago. Today has been a long day, but well worth it. We can't wait to see the progress she is going to make, in the coming weeks.[...]

Posted 2017-11-22T19:31:00Z

Day 35 - Wednesday - 11/22/17

Holly Update #34:

Surgery went great yesterday.
Dialysis went well.
Doctors visit was encouraging. Moving day, to Denton, may be next Monday.
Jordi was here all day...that was her best treatment!
Speech, breathing, and PT today.
She had a swallow test today. Waiting on results. That will determine if a feeding tube in her stomach is needed.[...]

Posted 2017-11-20T09:50:48Z

Day 33 - Monday - 11/20/17

Holly Update #32:

Yesterday was a good day, especially for her rest. She was able to sleep quite a bit and also enjoyed the visits. No procedures scheduled during the day. This is a busy week, starting today. Today is a day for dialysis, speech therapy, PT, breathing treatments, and the everyday poking and prodding that happens in the hospital. Tomorrow is the day for the surgery to install the defibrillator. It is done under general anesthesia, meaning the use of a ventilator. Please pray they will be able to do it another way, without the vent. This would be the third time, and her throat is already sore and damaged. They have told us, there is a possibility that she would be transferred to rehab on Wednesday, if not then, it would be next week. Either is fine with us.[...]