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Posted 2017-11-24T22:22:30Z

Day 37 - Friday - 11/24/17

Holly Update #36:

A Good Day.
Sit up in recliner for about 4 hours.
PT morning and afternoon. They hope to have her standing tomorrow.
No dialysis since Tuesday. Hopeful!
Kidneys improving slowly.
Moving day looks like Monday.

She was ready to get back in bed, from the recliner. She pushed the nurse's button, and said in her NORMAL Holly voice, " I want back in bed." We dropped our jaws!! Gail told her to say, Hi mom, I love you. She did! Gail was so happy, she kissed me! She told her she had been waiting over a month to hear her say that! Happy day!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and this time, it's not a train!

Thank you Lord!

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Comments (6)

  • Adele Ichilian
    Adele Ichilian

    Such goodness. Even more to be thankful for. GO Holly!

    2 years ago · Reply
  • William Calmes
    William Calmes

    Oh, we are rejoicing and praising God with you.🤗😀❤️👍🙏 Joann

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Dawn Reynolds McKinney
    Dawn Reynolds McKinney

    Love reading about her improvements!! Lord, keep them coming!! Praying continues!🙏🙏🙏

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Sandy Rogers
    Sandy Rogers

    Great news!!

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Connie Jordan Dyer
    Connie Jordan Dyer

    Thank you Jesus!

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Deborah Callene
    Deborah Callene

    Tears streaming down my face! What a war! Thank God somebody benched that train! May it stay benched! :D

    2 years ago · Reply