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Shannon Slater Shannon Slater

Your testimony is amazing and really shows the power of prayer, family, love, and community. What a blessing! Much love to you my friend!

Tesse Scott Tesse Scott

We love you Lord & your beautiful daughter Holly. Thank you for your restoration & your many blesdings on her health! With you ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! We give YOU the glory!

Holly Sparkman Holly Sparkman

I don't have the words to thank everybody for their constant support, prayers, love throughout this whole ordeal. I just have been able to find all of these posts and comments and actually see them to be able to read and appreciate them. I have read every post, every comment and I wish I was able to communicate as effectively and eloquently as Dad and Steve over all those days!! I'm happy to report that this is day #220 and God is good! I am not 100% yet but I'm not far from it. I'm still amazed at where I am compared to where I was. It seems like a dream (nightmare) and some days it feels like it never happened. But then my plethora of daily pills reminds me that it did! lol We have gone from lots of PT, speech and swallowing therapy and dialysis twice a week to now just cardiac therapy three times a week and occasional doctor's appointments and eye shots (for the macular degeneration - I had it before all this started) and monthly bloodwork for kidneys. I have no long-term effects from the stroke - physical or speech and I'm SLOWLY learning that I can actually function without the Dr Pepper, I've honestly never felt better than I do right now. I'm back to work full time and the only obstacle left is driving - but that is coming along. Going slowly due to the whole eye thing but getting there! I have no way to know how many thousands of prayers went up on behalf of me and all of my family but I do know there will never be a way for me to repay that, I only have one more thing to say - THANK YOU LORD!! I'm still here to enjoy my family and my beautiful kids for the rest of forever.

Terry Self Terry Self

I was blessed to stop by and visit and meet your husband. Holly, you were resting during my visit. I was so blessed to hear of your family's faith and your husband's testimony. I have also met your mom and dad a few weeks ago on my first visit and they too are amazing people of faith. I am praying for you as are my deacon brothers at Prestonwood. In Christ, Terry Self.

Mollie McMeen Mollie McMeen

Holly, it has been a privilege to pray for you during your battle. You are strong!! God has been bringing you and your family to mind often—for so many who love you. I love you and have sensed the glory of Jehovah Rapha throughout your journey. You are blessed! Still praying.

Amy Maxey Amy Maxey

Sweet Holly,
I didn't know about this site until now. You guys have been in my daily prayers. It was so weird not to see your smiling face while we did on Golden Pond. I have complete faith that you will be back with us in time . Please know you guys are in my prayers and here if you need anything at all! God bless you.
Amy Maxey

Renee Polk Renee Polk

So thankful for all the progress! Thank you for keeping us informed. Prayers continued!!!

Cyndee Tanttari Cyndee Tanttari


I miss seeing you at TWU. Stay strong. My prayers continue for your speedy recovery.

Cyndee Tanttari

Scott Sparkman Scott Sparkman

Know that you all are being covered in prayer! Pics from 1 Facebook post last night.

Scott Sparkman Scott Sparkman

Dear Lord, we lift Holly up to you and ask your healing hand be on her body. Please give the doctors and nurses the wisdom to make the right decisions. May you be glorified tonight! In Jesus name we pray, amen!

Connie Jordan Dyer Connie Jordan Dyer

Though we have never met in person I know you through Shannon McCarty's Facebook page. I also know we are sisters in Christ. My church (Harvest Mission Baptist Church ) in Aubrey, and I have been praying for you from the beginning and continue in prayer knowing God is healing you in his own timing. I praise God for using you to be a witness for lost souls around you and your family that one may come to know Jesus! Continue to fight and let God heal you in Christ name!!

Christina Bowden-Williams Christina Bowden-Williams

Dearest Holly,

You are continually in my thoughts and my family's prayers. Knowing just what we hear and imagining what I might of your days now and knowing a little of the strength it takes just to endure the hospital itself, let alone what your little body is and has endured, my heart is with you and longs for the day that I can see your beautiful smile once more. I am saddened to not be able to visit more but I also know that visitors, though we are happy when they come, can also wear us out a bit, so I'll refrain a bit now and continue to think of you daily and offer my prayers to God for a gentle yet speedy recovery.

Our entire department, one-by-one, have stopped to inquire as to your well-being and prayers are being said for you throughout the University community. You have no idea how many lives you've touched in just this little corner of the world, but the response has been tremendous! I was cleaning up after a meeting the other day and burst into tears, unnerving Don a bit, I think, but I was just missing you and the way you take care of everyone in only the way that you can. Now it's everyone's turn to take care of you and since God knows best how that should be done, we'll leave the details up to Him! :)

I'll sign off for now, wishing you God's strength, comfort and grace in every moment of every day. Peace be with you, my friend. Love, Chrissy

Dawn Reynolds McKinney Dawn Reynolds McKinney

Continued prayers for you, Holly!! Keep gaining strength and mobility as the Lord is the best doctor and healer there is!! God bless you and your sweet family!! Love and hugs from the McKinney family!!

Dana Goetzke Dana Goetzke

Yeah, Holly! I am so happy and THANKFUL for your daily improvements! You've had a lot of people praying and pulling for you. I wrote you a small novel. Your sister-in-law or Jean can share it with you. It is too large to post here. I hope it makes you laugh! Love you, my friend!