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Holly Linkenhoger Moffitt - Journal

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Posted 2016-03-07T20:24:48Z


Hot off the from Holly...

"PRAISE GOD!!!! Both new masses are benign!!!!! Tomorrow will be lymph node removal and those results will be next Monday. If they are clear of cancer, than I will have surgery on the 24th- if not, than they will require radiation and chemo prior to surgery. My doctor says 30% chance of the cancer being in the nodes. Yay!!!!!! Such great news today. We are so super happy. It's only because of prayers!!!! The doctor acted really surprised that both were benign - I am not surprised - with all the prayers - thank you!! Thank you!!!!"[...]

Posted 2016-03-04T17:44:46Z

Great News Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day for Holly! She received a call from MD Anderson pathology and was informed by one of the nurses that 1 of the 3 masses was benign. We're so blessed and happy that she has AMAZING nurses to give her just the right words and perspective. It's all in the delivery! [...]