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Posted 2016-03-04T02:46:00Z

The beginning of Holly's journey...

MD Anderson Breast Care with Memorial Hermann - Memorial City 925 Gessner #300 Houston, TX 77024

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2/22/16- Today Holly received unfortunate news, that she has Breast Cancer- Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

2/29/16 Day 1 @MD Anderson: Holly expressed that her day was draining and emotionally exhausting. She prayed for someone to take over, to tell her what to expect, where to go and what was coming. Her testing was so intense and thorough, lasting from 8am to 7:30pm. They felt relief knowing that one of the plastic surgeons was willing to stay at his practice until they could get there from the hospital. Holly has no doubt that this will be a long hard journey but has the right attitude- she said “I can and will beat it!” She was not told percentages and had to go back to ask what stage of cancer she’s in because they were all about the positive news. When she went in for scans, she felt like she was going to the spa. She had nurses high five her and tell her they were survivors. She was certain they hire survivors because of their positive attitude, that radiated all around. She felt it would have been much harder if the nurses had acted differently. They treated her with such care that she felt loved. By the end of the day she was pretty close to a couple of the nurses. She told them both that she would be sending comments on how wonderful they both were. One of them was with her during the biopsy and held her hand throughout the procedure. Holly was squeezing her hand tight and felt comforted. Holly said “She’s one of the strongest woman I’ve met.” This nurse has had breast cancer 2x's already and is having a mastectomy next round. All of her nurses had her laughing as she came out of each procedure. Unfortunately Michael was waiting hours upon hours and very emotional. She needed those nurses and knew God put them there for her. Holly slept that night with peace. She said it was the best sleep she’s had in awhile. Holly is thankful for all the prayers, and feels that they are working. She said “Love y’all!!!!”

03/01/16 Day [email protected] Anderson: Already plans have changed for Holly. She will return to MD Anderson on Monday, March 7th to get the results of her new biopsies. Then they will prep her for sentinal node dissection surgery on Tuesday, March 8th. After finding the other two masses they want to take a closer look at her lymph system to see if it is there. They will stay in Houston until Wednesday. The next time Holly returns to MD Anderson is on Monday, March 14th, for post-op and pre-op. Holly's scheduled to have her big surgery on March 24th, a double mastectomy with a diep flap reconstruction. Prayers welcome.

 To be continued...

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  • Jane Salazar
    Jane Salazar

    Thank you for the update. May the results continue to be positive for you Holly. Praying that God continues to guide all the doctors and nurses that will play a role in your healing. May He embrace you and allow you to feel the love and many prayers being sent your way to give you hope, peace, and comfort when you need it most. Sending heartfelt love and healing prayers. You got this Holly! ❤

    4 years ago · Reply