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Posted 2020-03-15T16:31:15Z

3-15-20 A Plea

Good morning,  

Brody is doing very well and like most kids his age he is happy to be getting an extended spring break.  That happiness and excitement is brought down a notch with the fact that he is trapped in the house, he and Tyler both fully understand the current situation and the reasons behind our extended stay at home. I want this Blog to remain about Brody, and what I am about to write is for Brody and every kid (and person) just like him. It is a plea....... 

I am typically the very laid back when it comes to illness, this comes in part from being raised by an E.R. nurse who never let my brother or I miss a day of school.  We were always told "eat a piece of toast, come home and sleep, you will be fine".  I am also a firm believer of "you'll be fine" yes we all get sick, but it always goes away. 

This is different, of course I am talking about Covid-19.  Even for me, up until very recently, my typical reaction to illnesses was very much dominant, I brushed it off as no big deal, and honestly if I didn't have Brody I would probably still be in that mind set.  The thing is, I do have Brody, and so my perspective on this is different. I implore all of you to really think about your day to day actions, less for yourself and more for others.  I am not a scientist, doctor, or in any way an authority on viruses.  What I am is the father of an immunocompromised child.

After countless hours on the CDC, WHO, and other legitimate sites, as well as conferring with Brody's Oncology team I have come to this conclusion. If we do not all do our parts to slow (I say slow because stopping the spread is impossible) the spread of Covid-19 what is going to happen is our healthcare system will be overrun, if this occurs there will be no beds, doctors, nurses, medical devices, possibly meds, etc available for people like Brody.  It is already effecting his chemo schedule. 

I know for non risk group people this virus is not really a big deal, for kids it appears to be really no big deal at all.  It is easy to just think "this is nonsense, I'm not changing my life"  and that may be fine for you or your family.  I beg you to think of others, kids like Brody, elders, other sick people, etc.  This is going to spread, and taking the measures recommended by the CDC will not stop it, it will however hopefully slow it to a manageable pace allowing valuable resources to stay available to kids like Brody.

I am sorry if this came off as a lecture, I hope that most of you already felt this way and are practicing the recommendations of the CDC.  Unfortunately, looking outside, talking to friends/family/coworkers, and reading the news I think that there is a large portion of the population that still believes this is no big deal.  Do your part to slow the spread and give Brody a chance.  When talking with people in your circles please use Brody and this plea as an argument for following the guidelines.  Thank you.   

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