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Hope For Brody

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Latest journal entry

1-17-18 and 1-18-18

So yesterday was an all around bad day for Brody, he woke up early with lots of stomach pain.  This persisted throughout the entire day.  He couldn't eat much all day, he didn't even want to sit up it hurt him so bad.  He spent most of the day in our bed.  Yesterday his hair also started to very noticeably fall out.  This mix of sick, pain and the hair loss led Brody to slightly lose it last night before bed.  He was super depressed and upset and didn't want to hear anything we had to say.  It was very difficult for him and for us.  We finally got him somewhat comfortable in his bed and he managed to get a decent nights rest waking up only a few times over night.  Gina did give him a full breakfast at 4 am, she was just glad he was eating. He was able to go back to bed and slept until around 730.

When he woke up he felt much like he had yesterday and nothing we did or tried seemed to make him feel better. 

Gina and I had a meeting at his school this morning to finalize his 504 plan.  This is a plan that the school puts together specifically for children with special needs, anything that might prohibit a child from performing or participating in normal everyday activities and tasks.  At the school we met with his teacher, the asst. principal, and the school nurse.  They had already spoken to the team at Lurie and with us in advance of the meeting so they had most of the paperwork ready for us when we got there.  The school has really gone above and beyond in making Gina and I feel comfortable about Brody getting back to school.  We made some adjustments and that was that.  Because Brody may have extended absences, the school offered at home tutoring as needed, his teacher volunteered, and insisted, she do it.  If it is required it is nice to know he will have someone he knows, trusts and enjoys be his tutor.

We got home and Brody was still pretty miserable.  He spent most of the afternoon dozing.  This evening I took Tyler to swimming lessons and Gina was giving Brody a bath/shower and his hair was falling out in huge clumps.  Brody decided it was time he get a buzz cut.......on one condition, his brother had to do it too.  Gina called me up and Tyler agreed over the phone to Brody that he would do it too when we got home.  We got home and I told Brody how awesome he looked with his new haircut, so awesome in fact that Tyler and I wanted to do it too.  Brody was so excited that we liked the haircut and he was happy that we were going to have it too.  We had good fun cutting our hair!

The bath, the fun, and a good movement helped Brody feel better. He ate and played some video games with Tyler and now we are all sitting watching tv.  We are gonna get the boys in bed shortly, hopefully a good night sleep.

Tomorrow is another chemo treatment for Brody and he is a little worried but much less than last week. They will also check his counts and give him transfusions as needed.  Hopefully all goes well and we are in and out quickly. 

Good night  

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