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Jim Wade Jim Wade

Ann and TR,

Please know that TR's band of brothers at 1st Appointment continue to support you both in prayer.

Jim and the Guys

elizabeth h wright elizabeth h wright

Hey there! So happy to hear you are making good progress. Even heard mention of a golf course outing. By spring , you should be ready for more vigorous

Nancy V Shuss Nancy V Shuss

Hey Guys,
Sending hugs,strength and friendship.
Hope your lumbar puncture went well and you get some positive answers..
We all are praying for you and hope you can feel our love and healing thoughts.
Luv ya

Timothy Duran Timothy Duran

TR, My hope and prayers to a speedy recovery on this difficult journey. You are tough and with all the support from family and friends you are blessed.

Nick Sakonchick Nick Sakonchick

Sorry to here you are having these issues try to be strong and keep the faith.My thoughts are with you my friend.Nick Sakonchick

Phyllis Bjornberg-Haut Phyllis Bjornberg-Haut

I love you T and am sending love and light always!

Andrea Meckna Andrea Meckna

TR, I want to help in whatever way I can. Please have someone call me so I can come & help out. I am in Aliso Viejo. Ann, I worked with TR when he was at First World, we have remained friends. Love & prayers for my precious friend & his family. My number is 949-842-8703. I will do anything to help!

elizabeth h wright elizabeth h wright

Lord hear my prayer. Hold Ann and T.R close as you circle them with love, strength and faith for healing during this most difficult time.

I know God will hold your hands and hearts as he guides T.R. back to his well-being. Gods speed . Love, Cousin Beth

donna collins donna collins

Happy Easter to you congratulations to T.R for completing your treatment are a truely strong person and now the healing begins and you will be able to get back to your real life!prayers for a speedy recovery and thinking of you!happy Easter to all! Hope love strenghth!!

Laurie Gelderman Laurie Gelderman

TR...You are in the final leg!!! Hang in there. Be strong and positive. Continue to pray for you and Ann and your family back here in CT.

Jim Wade Jim Wade

TR, missed you at First Appointment yesterday. We had a guest at our table that you might know.

Jim Wade Jim Wade

TR, I will be updating the guys at First Appointment about your escape from the hospital. Know that the table is praying for you every week. Ann says you have about 8 treatments left, so it'll be no time until I can take you to lunch at Pei Wei. Oh, I saw the photos, and that treatment mask is really something! Make sure and keep that thing for a killer Halloween costume.

Virginia Hunting Virginia Hunting

Dear TR. You and Ann are and will be in my daily prayer. In Romans 8 : 28 " All things work together for good to them that love God " if we belive then we have to think it's the bad as well as the good. Love you TR. Praying for healing and great strength. (Ginny)

Susan Wirth Susan Wirth

So glad things have settled down TR. Stay strong! You're in the home stretch! You'll be eating an Angel dog and beer before you know it! Continuing to pray for your strength and peace.