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Hope-Prayers-Inspirations for Bridget

Afyer 7 years in remission for breast cancer - Bridget was diagnosed with bone cancer a few years ago and has been putting up a very brave fight- it’s taken a toll on he[...] read more

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Posted 2019-02-04T21:43:09Z


Hi Guys - Feeling a tad bit better.  Although I didn’t get a full. Ights sleep, but it was more than before.  I’ve slept nearly ALL DAY.  I’m still as weak as a newborn kitten, but I’m sure I’ll regain my strength as time goes on.

i wanted to reiterate something.  My precious friend and one of my staunchest prayer warriors, helped set this site up as a way for me to communicate my status to those interested and for y’all to offer words of encouragement and advice.  IT IS NOT A PLACE SEEKING MONETARY $$$ DONATIONS. While I appreciate your thoughtfulness. SO MUCH, it’s just not necessary right now.  I would love it if you donate to St. Jude’s Cancer Hospital on behalf of Johna McCoy the grandson of another dear, closest friend, Ethel McCoy, who is fighting Lukemia.  DONT WORRY, IF I GET IN DIRE STRAIGHTS AND IN DANGER OF THE POORHOUSE, ILL LET YOU KNOW.

In the meantime, all I ask are your prayers, love, and friendship.

💕💕💕 love you all!

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