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Terry Watkins Terry Watkins

I had no idea about Ethel Ann grandson. Thanks for the
Update. Happy for the little bit of better! The littlest things make all the difference. If you get a taste for anything tell Steve I’ll make it!

Tammy Thibodeaux Tammy Thibodeaux

Continuous prayers for positive results from this chemo. Dr. Cassell sounds like a wonderful doctor! The Lord lead you to him. He has taken good care of you for years and we must believe he will continue to do so. I’m very glad you have decided to fight this demon with everything in you! Those grandchildren can provide us with strength we never knew we had! I Love You Cuz

Barbara Davis Barbara Davis

You and your family is in my prayers every day I’m so happy to hear you are going to fight fight fight ( like a tiger) I still believe it’s going to all be ok just hold on and keep fighting with everyone right beside you cheering you every day and most of all praising our lord Jesus for all he does. I love you sweet sister