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Hopeful Hearts

At 20 weeks, Emmy was diagnosed with Heterotaxy and Dextrocardia with Situs Inversus. We invite you to walk along side of us as we set forth on this journey that The Lord[...] read more

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34 weeks!

Two weeks go, we saw Dr. Stewart (pediatric cardiologist) again. She was VERY happy with what she saw! Since our first appointment, Emmy’s heart has stayed stable, and one of the defects has actually improved! As of now, from a heart standpoint, she will most likely not need anything done until she’s 6-12 months! It’s kind of a “wait until she shows us she needs help” kind of thing, so it could be longer or shorter than that time frame. We go back for one final cardiology visit on 2/27, and hopefully everything will still be holding stable! 

Last week, at 33 weeks, we saw Dr. Berry (maternal fetal medicine specialist), and he did a growth scan to make sure Emmy is growing accordingly....and she definitely is! They estimated her weight to be 4lbs 9ozs and she is in the 52nd percentile! Everly was born at 37.5 weeks, and she was 5lbs 14ozs and was in the <5th percentile, but totally fine and healthy! Just super tiny! Needless to say, we are NOT going to have another tiny baby this go around! Dr. Berry said that everything else is looking great! As I mentioned in my first post, it is common for kids with Heterotaxy to have problems with other organ systems. Unfortunately, those diagnoses can’t be made until after she’s born, but we’re praying for no additional problems!

On Monday, we met with the AMAZING NICU team at St. David’s! We took a tour of the NICU, got the run down of what will likely happen after she’s born, and we also got to talk with one of the neonatologists. Everyone was extremely welcoming, caring, helpful and reassuring. As I said before, we couldn’t be more confident in our medical team and the St. David’s staff. We know our Emmy will be in great hands after she is born! While we are very excited to meet her, hopefully it will be (at least) a few more weeks before she makes her debut! In the meantime, our prayer is that The Lord will continue to heal Emmy’s heart and show us how we can glorify His kingdom as we begin our journey down this path❤️💗

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