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Posted 2016-08-08T02:55:14Z

The roller coaster continues... and it really sucks.

Hi all.

I feel as if I have been in a time warp. And, I am sad to report that Jason's health continues to decline. His parents are on their way and should arrive tomorrow morning. The hope is that they will take Jason to Salt Lake City, Utah for help. We have seen FIVE doctors in the Jackson area and all have not been able to get Jason help quick enough. Jason continues to lose weight even though he is eating every 2 hours (even in the middle of the night). Our dear friend, Denise, is driving up from New Mexico to help. Thank you to Amy and Matt for coming over this weekend to help us stay calm. Thank you to my other friend, Denise, for getting me out on a mountain bike ride yesterday. I really can't stress enough how serious this situation is becoming. All positive vibes and prayers are appreciated. I'll do my best to post more frequently as information comes to light.[...]

Posted 2016-07-30T02:38:29Z

And there goes July...

Hi to all members of Jason's Fan Club.

I apologize for leaving you all hanging for the week. I am really stretched thin these days. I'm CEO, COO, janitor, yard lady, dog walker, chef, shopper, scribe, recycler, crazy cat lady and ... all while keeping Jason comfortable. It has been really hot here with smoke in the air. And, I am so very tired. The entire month of July has been focused on Jason's illness. How's that for perspective? [...]

Posted 2016-07-24T13:36:03Z

July 24, 2016

"Why don't we say 'Bless You' when somebody farts?"

It was good to hear a little humor from Jason yesterday. Perhaps it was because he got good news: the MRI of his brain is normal. While we both were relieved (there may have been happy tears), we still don't know what is wrong. The next two steps are to make an appointment with a neurologist and get tested for Lyme's Disease. He has no inflammatory markers, so we aren't sure if testing for Lyme's makes sense. We will see if the doc does want to go through with it. The reason for the neurologist is he having weakness in his arms and legs and is very susceptible to heat. He is also still losing weight, is very fatigued, and can't sleep. I have seen teensy weensy bits of improvement in the past 48 hours and he agrees. Yet, that doesn't mean he is anywhere close to doing anything beyond showering and maybe a very short walk. He is anxious to start moving his body, but he knows he can't and that is really hard on him.[...]

Posted 2016-07-22T02:50:04Z

July 21, 2016

Amusement parks haven't ever really been my thing. The main reason is I have never been tall enough to ride a lot of the rides, especially roller coasters. Apparently no size is too small for the roller coaster Jason and I are experiencing right now.[...]

Posted 2016-07-21T03:10:57Z

July 20, 2016

Stir fried lettuce. I didn't mean to do it. I just grabbed what I thought was cookable vegetables and went for it. That's what we're coming to, people. I'm cooking lettuce. I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to Sue and Greg who worked hard at growing that lettuce... only to be cooked and then fed to the pups.[...]

Posted 2016-07-20T03:49:46Z

July 19, 2016 Part II

A massive power outage, a broken flower pot (my favorite one), "normal blood tests" and worsening muscle fatigue... 

While today started off, seemingly, on the right foot, the day quickly deteriorated for Jason. By mid afternoon, he was overwhelmed by symptoms. Mid afternoon, a nurse called stating that the recent round of blood tests were normal. Jason was baffled. How can that be when he feels so lousy? One pal stopped by around 4pm which lifted him up temporarily. But, at 5pm, the power went out and things went haywire for the next 3 hours. He made the mistake of attempting to carry in the AC window unit on his own. It wore him out. Hope knocked over our favorite planter with our aloe plant (don't worry, Sarah H., I saved it!) and we came to grips with the reality that I needed to set up the camp stove to make dinner. I have set up a camp stove dozens of times in my life... sometimes after long days on the trail when I have zero energy left to push a fork across a plate. Tonight, I had to dig deeper. Simple tasks with this amount of stress involved really take energy to complete. Somehow, I fed us and repotted the aloe plant. The leftover dirt is still brushed into a pile on the floor, waiting until a more peppy Suz can deal with it.[...]

Posted 2016-07-19T14:58:32Z

July 19, 2016

Today seems to be a brand new day for Jason. His first words to me this morning were... "yesterday morning was my worst morning since this all began. Today, I am better." His mind seems to be in a much better place than it has been ... well... since we met. [...]

Posted 2016-07-18T15:41:56Z

July 18, 2016

The settled forest fire smoke in the valley this morning seems to be matching Jason's mood and outlook. 

The weekend until about 3:30pm yesterday was pretty good. We had several visitors that buoyed his spirits greatly. He had several hours of clarity and energy. He even cracked some jokes. But, by yesterday afternoon, all the symptoms overcame him again and it was devastating to watch. This morning, he is in a very dark place. I have cancelled my day and will greatly appreciate anyone who can send a note or drop by.[...]

Posted 2016-07-16T15:41:24Z

July 16, 2016

Hi Friends and Family,

I never thought I would need a website to update people on a health situation. However, here I am writing this morning and attempting to stay calm in the storm. Thank you to our friend, Peter, for setting up this site for us.[...]