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Posted 2016-07-30T02:38:29Z

And there goes July...

Hi to all members of Jason's Fan Club.

I apologize for leaving you all hanging for the week. I am really stretched thin these days. I'm CEO, COO, janitor, yard lady, dog walker, chef, shopper, scribe, recycler, crazy cat lady and ... all while keeping Jason comfortable. It has been really hot here with smoke in the air. And, I am so very tired. The entire month of July has been focused on Jason's illness. How's that for perspective? 

I wish I had fantastic news to report. We still don't know what is wrong with Jason. We have theories. What we do know: the Lyme's test is negative and he has an appointment with a neurologist on August 15. One theory that seems to keep resurfacing is he is having a severe autoimmune reaction to something. It has caused his body to completely break down which is affecting his brain. This causes MS-like symptoms. He thinks a big cause of this is because somewhere back in time, his body stopped absorbing nutrients. With his extreme attention to his diet now, he has made so many positive lifestyle changes (more on that in another post). Those changes have led to some healing, we think. Hopefully, he'll start gaining weight again.

He has made very tiny bits of progress each day this week including entertaining the idea of going back to work super part time. However, he tried his first ever yoga class today, and it completely flattened him. It was a restorative yoga class which entails very mellow postures that are all supportive of healing the body and mind. He got very sick afterwards and is now in bed with a fever. Basically, we are still riding the roller coaster and we'd both like to get off it now and get back to regularly scheduled life programming.

Love continues to pour in. Gene (pictured above) is our neighbor. He spent about SIX hours of his free time yesterday installing a water filter for us. We are hoping that filtering out the minerals in our water will quicken Jason's healing. Thank you Gene! Melissa and Jason gave us fresh vegetables and raspberries from their garden. It was just in time as I needed to go to the store for more veggies but had no energy to do so. Melissa also got me out on a hike. 

If anyone is super anxious to bring food, I won't turn it down now. The meal service we had hoped to get won't commit to us. We do need to keep it paleo inspired, especially for Jason. 

Keep checking back. I promise to do better. I hope one day soon, I'll write "this is the last post because Jason is all better!" Until then, keep visiting. Keep calling. I'll try to catch up on emails and phone calls this weekend. Priority number one is a mountain bike ride and a hike with a pal from out of town. Time to do some Suz self-care. 

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