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Holly Riffe Holly Riffe

Hi Jason and Suzanne. I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. I know how tough it can be to not have an answer amidst changing symptoms...and the resulting stress. My wish for you is that you have an answer soon...because having some kind of answer that makes sense is the first step to taking control of what is happening. I'm glad that Dr. Little is helpful...and am waiting to hear of the MRI results. Holly, Dan, Popcorn, Rooster, Diggity, and Bubba.

susan knighton susan knighton

Hi My sweet son, I hope in heavens name you get some news in SLC. Did you ever get test results from other test? Sorry you have to go so far to seek help. On prayer list at church and Fred and I keep you in thoughts on daily basis. Told Suzanne to let me know if I need to come out there right now so I`m a help backup. Some doctor is bound to help you soon so hang in there. So much love to you Jason, Susan

Anita Moose Anita Moose

So sorry to hear about your health concerns. Keeping you all in our prayers that you have some answers very soon and are quickly in the road to recovery. Wishing we weren't so far away! Xoxo

Denise Hardy Denise Hardy

This is a great idea. Thanks Peter! Working on my dates to come up there and help however I can. Love you two. xOOx