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Two months ...

June 26 - Two months exactly since we said goodbye to Mike's Oncology team (Dr. Word, nurse Lisa and Jessie)  in Traverse City on April 26.   It was that day that I stayed behind and asked how much longer does Mike have.  1 to 2 months was the estimate given.  Here we are...two months later. God has blessed us with more time for final memories in G.R. and wonderful opportunities for friends from the past to visit.  Mike has friends from all over the country and it has been great to meet and visit with each and every one.  

Tonight we brought Mike home after a 5 night "respite for caregivers" at Trilium Woods.  Thank you to all the friends/family who took turns with visits and sleepovers so Mike was not alone - Momma bear's request!   While a very beautiful facility and great wasn't quite like home.  There's actually no place like home.💕   Mike did experience a few headaches during this time. He has previously been experiencing no pain or headaches...other than after his major surgeries.   We have daily given thanks for the no pain and no headaches.  Please join us in this specific request that Mike can be comfortable and pain free.  

SO much has changed in the last 2 months.  Every week is a transition, yet God continues to equip us with exactly what is needed to care for Mike.  He is no longer walking...yet also no longer smoking.  He is always positive, never complains and his rhymes and raps crack us up and keep us smiling!  Till next time! 😘  


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