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Mike Vander Horn - Journal

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Posted 2019-08-28T21:28:04Z

Goodness of God

Yesterday was a big turning point for us as Mike began having trouble with breathing and showing more signs of "end of life".  He is now given morphine when needed and has a pain patch which is keeping him comfortable.  Only our Heavenly Father knows if we have hours or days...yet we trust in His good plan for Mike.  [...]

Posted 2019-08-25T00:07:22Z

My heart is full!

Another month with I'm learning to refer to my brother :)    We continue to be blessed with visitors, prayers, words of encouragement and even a special night of music with our favorite Blue Footed Booby musicians!  Today was another great day - 3 visits, all filled with love and hugs.  I don't think Mike said a word.  If he did it was just with whispers, yet I see him taking it all in and feeling the LOVE!   August 11 has came and went...never imagined back in May that Mike would be celebrating his 49th birthday with family and friends. Yet a joyful occasion it was...sitting under palm trees and our feet in the sand...not quite Key West...but it worked!   Just another gift from God to see friends and family gathering around Horn.[...]

Posted 2019-07-22T19:45:00Z

Things are cool!

It's been almost a month since the last update. Mike has not given up the fight and he continues to do well each day.  He sleeps on and off in the mornings and tends to be awake more at night.  Conversations are more "one sided" but FaceTime and phone calls are welcomed!  I try and help Mike reply to his texts and want the conversation to be "his words" as much as possible.  As I write this, we are without power...but are set up with a generator running the whole house.  The humidity is gone and we are loving the cool breeze with open windows. No complaints...God is good!  If the prediction of no power until Wednesday holds true...we will be fine![...]

Posted 2019-06-27T03:58:39Z

Two months ...

June 26 - Two months exactly since we said goodbye to Mike's Oncology team (Dr. Word, nurse Lisa and Jessie)  in Traverse City on April 26.   It was that day that I stayed behind and asked how much longer does Mike have.  1 to 2 months was the estimate given.  Here we are...two months later. God has blessed us with more time for final memories in G.R. and wonderful opportunities for friends from the past to visit.  Mike has friends from all over the country and it has been great to meet and visit with each and every one.  [...]