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Posted 2019-07-22T19:45:00Z

Things are cool!

It's been almost a month since the last update. Mike has not given up the fight and he continues to do well each day.  He sleeps on and off in the mornings and tends to be awake more at night.  Conversations are more "one sided" but FaceTime and phone calls are welcomed!  I try and help Mike reply to his texts and want the conversation to be "his words" as much as possible.  As I write this, we are without power...but are set up with a generator running the whole house.  The humidity is gone and we are loving the cool breeze with open windows. No complaints...God is good!  If the prediction of no power until Wednesday holds true...we will be fine!

We have been blessed with a rental van on a few occasions during the month of July.  This has made getting out of the house much easier.  We had a great time on the 4th at sister Mari's house on Duncan lake.  Those of you on FB enjoyed seeing our adventures in the rain (although Mike was safe and dry inside).  We also took Mike to brother Dan's fast pitch softball game at the rec center and a couple co-ed softball games of Vonda and family.  Although the post game trip to Culver's seems to have been Mike's highlight!

  We have mastered our issues with eating and always have watermelon and fresh fruit on hand.  This helps with swallowing!  How great to learn this trick!  We have a few headaches a week but they are managed with Tylenol.   We also have a Hoyer lift which helps us bring Mike from the bedroom to the living room or into a wheelchair.  This has been a huge blessing as Mike is not able to stand or help with getting him moved to a different location.

  We love our Hospice team, especially the nurse-aide who comes for an hour each day Monday through Friday.   Our family and friends who visit and stay with Mike continue to be another blessing!  We also have devotions each night before bedtime and it is so good to be reminded how God is faithful to Mike, will never leave him and loves Mike as His dear child.  


Thanks all for continuing to pray for peace and comfort and no pain for Mike/Horn!  

Love to all,

sister Vonda

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Comments (2)

  • Mark Lobanoff
    Mark Lobanoff

    Mike is lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful family. God is with him and he is always in our prayers. I really liked hearing about the evening devotions. Thank you for giving us all the update. Lobo

    11 months ago · Reply
  • Marian Orange
    Marian Orange

    Thanks, Vonda, for the update. Our prayers continue for all of you and we, too, are thankful for all the love and care given Mike. Hope to see him this week. Love, Mom & Dad Orange

    11 months ago · Reply