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Posted 2019-08-28T21:28:04Z

Goodness of God

Yesterday was a big turning point for us as Mike began having trouble with breathing and showing more signs of "end of life".  He is now given morphine when needed and has a pain patch which is keeping him comfortable.  Only our Heavenly Father knows if we have hours or days...yet we trust in His good plan for Mike.  

My devotion this morning was a great reminder.  It focused on Proverbs 19:21 "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."  What is God's purpose in all this?  No one would want this outcome for their dear friend, brother, son, Uncle or Dad...  and yet we trust that God does have a purpose and that He is still our Good Father...despite our sadness in saying goodbye to this incredible man!💕   A song that spoke to Mike this summer was, "Goodness of God" by Bethel.   We listened/watched this live recording and Mike was so moved.  He said "WOW" and a few other words as he cried listening to this song.  If my brother Mike can still claim God's GOODNESS through all his sufferings...I know he would want his loved ones to do the same!    

Thanks again for continued prayers.  We feel them!

sister Vonda 

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Comments (6)

  • Erin Crumbley
    Erin Crumbley

    Not a day goes by that Mike isn't in my prayers. So many great memories with him and I wish I could be there to say goodbye. Please give him a hug for me (Erin Crumbley) and tell him I will see him on the other side! Erin

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Jennifer Bollman
    Jennifer Bollman

    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt words with all of us. Horn, his entire family, and his massive friend population are all in my prayers as we prepare to say goodbye to one heck of a guy! I’ll continue to pray for his comfort. You’re an incredible sister!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Ardyce F Bandstra
    Ardyce F Bandstra

    Once again Vonda you have shared such a wonderful testimony of your love for Mike but more importantly God's love for Mike.Prayers continue for ALL of you

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Barb

    Praying to our Heavenly Father for you all. Horn is loved but most importantly loved by God in a way that is hard to comprehend. My love to you all!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Rich/maggie

    Tears as we read this but we know God’s goodness prevails. A very special man is going to soon be free and that makes us feel a bit better. Prayers for you as you go through this and for your family. As Mike said- “you are an angel”. Til we meet again in heaven Mike. We love you. Rich and Maggie.

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Greg Bright
    Greg Bright

    Thank you for the update. Continued thoughts, prayers and strength to "H" and family. Love you H!! - G

    10 months ago · Reply