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Greg Bright Greg Bright

Hey "H", it's "G". Horn and I worked together for many years at Frontier. He actually is the one that started calling me "G" and this continues to this day. He has been a staple in my life and will continue to be. My family would often hear of Horn and what a great person he is, household name at the Bright residence. I also think being a MICHIGAN fan didn't hurt at all. GO BLUE!!!! I regret to say that the last time I saw Horn was this last March when I took him to lunch at Culver's in TC. We had some good talks and he blew me away because he still remembered my kid's names and that Kelci was attending GVSU, Anchor UP! Horn you have been a huge part of my life for many years and I cannot thank you enough for your friendship and always being there for me. I love you bro!!!!!!! "G"

Karen Karen

Dear Horn and family,
I’ve never met you, but I know what a special man you are with the most amazing family and friends. Every week, Moira tells me about how all of you care for each other and the love in everything you do. Following your posts and photos I feel the vibes of energy coming to you from everyone who knows you. From the love you have given them comes the dedication of their hearts and minds. Your love reflects God’s love for you. I pray you all feel his peace and comfort.
Love, Karen (Moira’s other mother and friend)

Pat Fitterer Pat Fitterer

Hi Mike!

Hope you’ve been great, my man. I’m excited that you’ll be able to catch some Michigan football here soon. Just wanted to let you know that we pray for you a lot and hope you are enjoying all the fun times you’re getting with friends. What a blessing.

Much Love,
The Fitterers

Steve Fairbanks Steve Fairbanks

Bumped into Jon Jansen today at Meijer and had the opportunity to share with him how much of a fan you are Horn. He sends positive thoughts and big high fives! Seriously, this guys hands are huge! Love ya Horn, Banks

Steve Hawn Steve Hawn

No pics here...Just my undying love for a man who changed my life in ways that most will never comprehend. I hope to gain my wings with a tenth of love and respect that Horn has received.

Todd W Bannen Todd W Bannen

The open mouth one is especially top notch. Spain 2001

Greg Vander Horn Greg Vander Horn

Happy 4th of July cuz !

Larry Fontaine Larry Fontaine

My favorite ripped jeans softball guy...HOOOOORRRNNN!!! Love you man...hope to see you around GR soon. Was really bummed when I had to bail on Jones and Duke's the night you ran into him.

Steve Hawn Steve Hawn

Great seeing you Monday! Hope you all enjoyed the pasties from Lehto's from the Yoop. Epic battle of thumb wrestling shows your competitive spirit and fire are still alive and kickin. Just like always! Love you! Hawn

Jennifer Bollman Jennifer Bollman

Highlight of my week! ❤️

Richard Orange Richard Orange


what up, homey. one more day of chilling in the mountains of Peru. have a bunch of photos I will share with you when I return. this country is pretty magical.

just sending our love and prayers. Lisa and Noah send hugs and kisses. going to try and facetime with you just before the USA vs France World Cup match today at 3pm EST.

miss you, bro.


Heather Murphy Heather Murphy

Hey Horn this time 2 years ago when the Aussies went camping.... so much fun, lots of laughs, lots of booze and way too many cigarettes!!! Sending you our love Heather & Peter ❤️❤️ (Melbourne, Australia)

Mark Lobanoff Mark Lobanoff


Looking good and getting some sun!
I like the Michigan hat but I love the Duke Blue Tshirt.


Marian Orange Marian Orange

Great visit today with Mike, Don & Ruth, and Moira. Sat out on the patio at Trillium Woods. Moira took the picture. Sorry we didn’t get a picture with you, Moira. 💕💕