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I have created this web site because i think when soemone dies from Cancer or Suicide,, That the Family members dont want to talk.

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Posted 2012-01-26T11:38:51Z

Bullying And people who are suffering with chronic pain,

I am a professional Lady that thinks that there is never enough resources avaible to the you and the older people that are being bullied. Thats why i also put about Suicied, i think the family think it is like the Plague, and no one wants to talk about it. But we all do need to stand up for those who cant help themselves, then alot of the time, people are scared to talk they think there friends or some family members wont believe what they are going through. We all have got to be there for everyone, even if we dont like the confrontation  we need to help our Fellow man.. Just one more thing i would like to say is why is it that when you have Cronic pain people always say you can't be in that much pain, and the reason for that if indeed we are all suffering from severe pain i think it is the worst pain it never goes away, but the trick is no one can see it, there is not Enough Compassion, and i think that carrying for someone with chronic pain is very difficult on the partner, So lets get some compassion and empthy for our Friends , Family members so they know there is soone out there that does in deed care

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