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Posted 2018-02-26T19:05:17Z

My First Entry!

Hi and thank you for visiting my site. I have heard about this these type of sites from other individuals who have you used. I debated over the last couple of years and even created one, but then in tears I deleted it. The problem was that it asked for me to share my link with family and friends. I honestly don't have any friends and even family that have stayed in contact with me since my diagnosis. I remember when my Mom had cancer she received many well wishes, help from friends, and even gift baskets. With Huntington Disease it's very different.No rides offered, visits, or even acknowledging me anymore. I have a combination of Parkinson, ALS, and dementia. It's a degenerative brain disease and there is no cure. I know it's hard to understand if you're not aware of what it is and the manifest, but it still hurts to lose everything and everyone. When one becomes diagnosed with a disease of any nature it's life changing. I have lost who I used to be. Nobody remembers me as the great friend, hard worker, or loving Mom. I'm just what I am now and what I will be soon. I would love just to have friendships again during the hardship my husband and I have faced. So, if anyone is reading this I thank you. 

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