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Posted 2015-11-20T15:09:02Z

Back to Moffitt

Yesterday I had an appointment with the oncologist at Moffitt about the continuation of treatment after the failure of the study drug from Johns Hopkins.  I will start on a drug Zelboraf which is the same class of drug as the study drug that I was on but according to the manufacturers claims does not have the "fever" producing side effect that the study drug had.  The drug has been approved by my insurance and should arrive sometime this afternoon.   Since this is the same class of drug as the study drug, all the same screening procedures still must be followed.  Since this is not a study drug, treatment of the side effects should be more effective if I have the side effects.

Hopefully  If I can tolerate this new drug I may be able to go back to work.  This drug comes with a high copay ($200/month)  so eventually I hope to be able to at least work enough to offset the copay for the drug.  Not much else to report.  Talk soon.

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