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I still love motorcycles

This page is to provide you all with updates on my recent accident

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2015-02-24T17:11:00Z

Update Tuesday 2/24


I am home, a bit earlier than i would have thought but hospital rules about broken bones are different than other injuries.


i ache, i hurt but I am alive and so grateful for the outpouring of concern and support.


I started physical therapy yesterday, I will be in a wheelchair for about 3 months since i broke my pelvis in two places rendering my legs not able to walk until then. I have casts on both arms so crutches will be out of the question for a long time.

update on the accident itself, since it was a hit and run, i didnt hold out much hope they would find the person, however, the detectives have been keeping me in the loop and not only was there video from the building across the street from our office, but i learned yesterday that a man came out of the fitness place on the corner and witnessed the hit and run, he dropped his stuff and ran one and a half blocks down Hollywood Blvd taking pictures of the car and the license plate. i hope they will give me his info to thank him. The police arrested the woman and took her to jail, she made Bail and will go see the DA on March 10th, I may have to go. It turns out the woman lives a mile from me!!!!!  However, we still have not been able to determine if she has insurance, so my insurance and my family may have to carry the financial burden. I have good insurance.






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