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Posted 2015-02-19T16:37:12Z

A message from Scott

Hi all, I have no working thumbs and can't type. Jen is dictating. Today is a crazy day. I'm being released and will be going home. Shopping for a hospital bed is interesting. I get to use my skills to get the best deal in town. My wheelchair will be delivered soon. Don't worry, you know I'll have it pin striped in no time. Thanks for all the messages. It means a lot to know some people care about you." Scott

Posted 2015-02-18T20:48:38Z

High's & Low's

Scott had a painful day yesterday. He was placed in a wheelchair for much too long. Needless to say hearing him talk about the pain or giving in that he was suffering from any pain means- he was in a Ton of pain![...]

Posted 2015-02-14T02:27:21Z

Surgery day is done!

Folks, Scott's surgery was over around 4pm today and doctors are happy how it all went. Pelvic surgery went well. His right wrist was a tough process though. He had torn tendons that control his thumb, index, middle and the top of his ring fingers. A splint was put on his left thumb and will be checked out later. Carolyn is currently with Scott in PreOp and they should have him moved to a regular room by 8pm. I still have no info on when visitors will be allowed or deliveries received. So please standby. Thanks everyone. As you can imagine Carolyn and Reilly are super tired but relieved (as we all are) that he is out. Take care! Jen

Posted 2015-02-13T05:34:48Z

Thank you from The Leibow's

Hello everyone, Scott, Carolyn & Reilly all want to thank you for your support. It's been an exhausting and painful 24 hours for the family. It's wonderful to see the messages coming in and I was able to read each of them to Scott. He's still in the critical care tower at Cedar's Sinai. His surgeries are scheduled for 7am tomorrow (2/13/15) His pelvis, right wrist and now his left thumb. Turns out he has a hairline fracture in his left thumb that wasn't initially found. this will be about 7 or 8 hour process tomorrow. Once he's out he'll be moved to a regular room and then I'll be able to provide details on where and what can be sent to the family. Scott is of course on pain meds and made as comfortable as possible. His hips and knees are bound together to avoid any chance of moving before surgery. Needless to say his inability to move is already taking it's toll. Reilly is doing her best at being a helpful nurse for her dad. Feeding him ice chips and providing loving kisses when needed. Carolyn is doing her best to be the pilar of strength to both. Carolyn will send me status updates throughout the day and I'll do my best to add them on this site. Tomorrow will be another long day for the family. Send them strength, healing energy and continued prayers. Jen