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Imani's Talitha Cumi Healing

Imani was a vibrant, fully active 5 year old girl, full of curiosity, loaded with intelligence far beyond her years. She went away on vacation and on August 9th was diagn[...] read more

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Countdown to the completion of radiation therapy

Starting Monday, three more radiation treatments left!!!..Mani has become a household name around the hospital..Every where Mani goes, someone knows her, greets her, asks about her well being, remarks on her progress...from transporters that took her by hospital bed to her radiation treatments, to housekeepers that passed her in the halls or cleaned her room, and various Therspists, Nurse's and Doctor's that have worked with Mani, there isn't a place little miss goes that she isnt known. Her personality does her progress..Today in Occupational and Physical Therapy she practiced swinging, jumping on a trampoline and bike riding with much success..Her therapists marvel at her progress...We marvel at Gods power blessing her daily.We continue to pray and believe!❤🙌🏽

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