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Imani's Talitha Cumi Healing

Imani was a vibrant, fully active 5 year old girl, full of curiosity, loaded with intelligence far beyond her years. She went away on vacation and on August 9th was diagnosed with a high grade glioma brain tumor in the stem of her brain. She went from walking and running to immobility due to her right sided being affected by the tumor. She had surgery on August16th to remove a portion of the tumor that wouldn't affect her mobility permanently. The rest of the tumor is being treated with radiation to shrink it and then further treatment will be determined after her 6 weeks of treatment are completed. The Doctors state there is no cure for her tumor and at best her treatments will give her a few good years. But we believe in a Doctor who specializes in impossibilities and has a report of total healing, restoration eradication of the tumor,and an exceedingly abundant life expectancy well over the medical Doctor's report yielding her a full lifespan.