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Posted 2017-09-05T15:40:00Z

Next Steps

My Affordable Care Insurance was cancelled in fall of 2016  so I have been going without several medications and treatment I desperately need in order to function in my daily life.

While I saw some temporary benefits from conventional immune treatments  (short-term bi-weekly subcutaneous IgG infusion therapy) the loss of my insurance and the dependence on continuous home health care infusion therapy were not going to provide good long-term outcomes for my life as an active 59 yr old mom and grandma. I also had some serious reservations about the ongoing use of pooled DNA and cells from donor plasma.

Instead, I have an opportunity to re-establish care with my world-renowned immune specialist who properly diagnosed her for the first time, in 1987.

This Dallas clinic, established over 30 years ago by Dr. William J. Rea, is the only one of its kind offering FDA approved, cutting-edge stem-cell immune therapies using the patient's own cells in a protocol similar to new bone marrow and leukemia therapies which recently gleaned international media attention.
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Since financial means to accomplish this were a barrier when recommended in 2015, I tried more conventional treatments via my ACA insurance which required a long wait throughout 2015-2016 -- although I got into a temporary free trial while still waiting during the summer of 2016, those treatments failed both in long-term benefits and access (my BCBS insurance company did not want to pay the more than $10k monthly costs). I had several reactions that indicated some problems with the long-term ability to use this protocol. The infusion therapy as currently developed would have been ongoing and lifelong.

My current goals are for a series of  9-12 months of treatment-- this can be accomplished by raising $10-$15,000. This will cover ALL medical costs, labs, follow-up visits, as well as my transportation costs. I plan to travel alone, so Bruce can remain behind working and being home with our son.

Also, the use of this new therapy, which is based on MY stem cells, means NO REJECTION! That is huge for me, since my system didn't handle the other therapy well, and IV IgG therapy would be even more of a challenge to my immune system.

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