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Jack Bryant

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. Khalil Gibran

Latest journal entry

It's official, one year cancer free!

Instead of attending the last day of school, we spent a much-dreaded day at Children's Hospital.  We still don't have enough distance from the unpleasant memories of needles, tests, chemo and sickness to make this simple routine comfortable.  Our anxiety and accumulated exhaustion was visible. The CT scan, pulmonary exam and echo-cardio made for long day, but in the end all the results were outstanding.  JACK IS OFFICIALLY ONE YEAR CANCER-FREE!

Outside the obvious celebration of a clear scan, Jack seemed most proud of his lung capacity, 130% higher than expected for a boy his age.  We could draw a few conclusions regarding his super human lung power, but nothing is scientifically proven.  Some theories being floated:

1. By not talking, Jack saves his breathe 

2. He inherited large windpipes from his mom

3. Jack needs to exceed at everything involving a test

4. With 5 scuba dives in the past two days, he's grown gills to accompany his lungs

Whatever the reason, we have so much to celebrate.  Jack reached his 16th birthday in good health, completed a full year of school and has an entire summer without physical restrictions and hospital stays.  We are also so grateful for our friends, family and community for helping us through this painful journey over the past couple years.  You've been absolutely amazing with food delivery, decorations, donations and well wishes.  We truly appreciate you all.  

Wishing you all much happiness, love and adventure this summer.