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Jack Bryant - Journal

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Posted 2020-06-10T07:41:34Z

Happy 19th Birthday!!!

Happy birthday and one year cancer-free anniversary!  Yesterday, Jack's scans came back all clear, best gift ever. After a short spring baseball season, squeaking in a scuba trip to Bonaire with Georgia Tech, packing up his dorm room early and finishing freshman year at home, things in Seattle have been a little dull. Having a boring day of appointments was perfect way to celebrate another year. This followed Andrew's clear scans in May, twice the gratitude.[...]

Posted 2020-01-09T19:47:00Z

Happy New Year!

Jack aced his first semester at Georgia Tech surviving the southern heat and college transition (dorm life, communal showers, cafeteria food and one trip to the ER).   Most importantly almost one year post transplant, Jack is surviving cancer. His December scans were crystal clear. Another giant step forward. The rest of Jack's winter break was filled with endless activities, friends and a visit from Grandma Marilyn.  There was skiing, snowmobiling, camping, hiking, bowling and plenty of XBoxing. Just busy living.[...]

Posted 2019-08-21T07:39:39Z

Rambling wreck of Georgia Tech...

From high school graduation to Georgia Tech, it's been a crazy couple months packed with a lot of ends and plenty of new beginnings.  On June 14th, Jack walked the halls of Garfield High School as a student for the very last time. With the support of this amazing community, Jack graduated with a 4.0, completed 13 AP classes and probably set the school record for most absences. His perseverance and accomplishments are truly spectacular.[...]

Posted 2019-06-07T17:47:00Z

36 hour countdown

Due to Jack’s less than stable condition yesterday, he will be in the hospital for at least 36 more hours. We are waiting to see if his blood cultures grow any bacteria. His blood pressure, temperature and blood counts have all improved.  Other than a headache, hospital boredom and missing spirit week activities, Jack is doing okay.  [...]

Posted 2019-06-06T18:57:00Z

Two steps forward...

Jack had a bit of a setback today (probably because we posted happy yesterday). He is getting admitted to Children’s Hospital due to a fever and low blood pressure, concerns for those without a spleen.  Apparently senior festivities, coupled with a cold and  Brentuximab infusion were all a bit too much. The goal is 24 hours of observation, fluid and meds.  We’ll keep you posted.  [...]

Posted 2019-06-05T18:06:00Z

Home Stretch!

It's been a crazy couple months for Jack but we are on the home stretch.  Just 5 days until his 18th birthday (June 10th) and 10 days to graduation.  Jack has been extremely busy cramming in a semester worth of school (7 classes) in just 6 weeks, on top of taking 4 AP exams.  He finished his high school baseball career at the Metro All-Star game and received the Josh Dickerson Award for Most Inspirational. The final weeks of senior year has been a whirlwind of prom, banquets, parties and  celebration.  Last night Jack was honored at the Senior Night Celebration with the Ted Howard Principal Award.  Once again we were reminded throughout the evening how absolutely incredible Garfield High School is and how fortunate Jack is to be a part of this community.[...]

Posted 2019-04-22T21:28:09Z

Jack did not disappoint

5 days after his last radiation, Jack stepped onto the Mariners' field and lit up the crowd.  He had the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch to fellow NE Seattle Little League alumn and Garfield Varsity catcher, Matthew Koplowitz.  Jack proved his strength, tenacity and ability to recover in the second inning with Garfield's first hit of the game and a deep foul ball catch into the seats.  A huge shout out to Garfield super fan and volunteer team photographer, Bill Kossen, for capturing these moments.[...]

Posted 2019-04-20T06:00:00Z

Clear skies ahead

The forecast for Saturday's game at T-Mobile Stadium looks fantastic. Jack has the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch and starting at first base.  For those who plan on coming, you may want to get there early for the pregame festivities (2:30).  It's great to be back celebrating senior moments.[...]