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Posted 2019-08-21T07:39:39Z

Rambling wreck of Georgia Tech...

From high school graduation to Georgia Tech, it's been a crazy couple months packed with a lot of ends and plenty of new beginnings.  On June 14th, Jack walked the halls of Garfield High School as a student for the very last time. With the support of this amazing community, Jack graduated with a 4.0, completed 13 AP classes and probably set the school record for most absences. His perseverance and accomplishments are truly spectacular.

When summer finally did kicked in, Jack finished his 13th and final season on the Sand Point swim team along side his incredible teammates and friends.  It's was such good exercise, he's decided to swim for the Georgia Tech Swim Club.

The rest of Jack's short summer was packed with lots of activities and travel - Andrew's 50th birthday, GT orientation, boat trip to the San Juans, hiking in the Olympic National Rain Forest, camping on Rialto Beach... all the perks of being a healthy teenager. While packing up to start a new adventure in Atlanta, we said a final farewell to Grandpa Ben. His legacy lives on with 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandkids. R.I.P.

Jack is now newly settled at Georgia Tech acclimatizing to the heat and humidity.  Classes have started and Jack is on his way to discovering what life has in store for him. So many options!  We are so very grateful for the doctors, nurses and staff at Seattle Children's that helped him get there. Words cannot express our sincere appreciation.  How lucky we've been to have such an incredible community filling our mailbox, our stomachs and our hearts.  Our fingers remained crossed for Andrew's scans next week, but we are signing off regarding Jack until December.  Wishing you all much happiness and love.

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Comments (8)

  • Nicole Korman
    Nicole Korman

    You have raised an amazing young man. His perseverance and drive are commendable. So proud of all of his accomplishments and so exciting to see him fly! Good luck at Georgia Tech, Jack! We are all rooting for you! The Kormans

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Reine DiJulio
    Reine DiJulio

    Could not be happier reading this. So happy and proud of Jack and your family. Fingers crossed for Andrews scans! All the best to Jack and his amazing new adventures.

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Anita Penuelas
    Anita Penuelas

    Jean, I am so happy to hear about this very normal transition for your son and your family. Hugs, Anita

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Kim Isaac
    Kim Isaac

    Incredible accomplishments! Best of luck to Hack in college!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Angele Hunskor
    Angele Hunskor

    His determination, grit, and perseverance will serve him well at GT and beyond! So happy for him!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Ethel Ann Greyerbiehl
    Ethel Ann Greyerbiehl

    What a wonderful tribute to read!! Truly amazing. My love and prayers continue to envelop you all. Go get 'em , Jack. I may have to expand my football watching to the SEC as well as the PAC 12.

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Jen Biely
    Jen Biely

    Jean, I am so so happy to hear this about your amazing Jack. What a wonderful update! I hope he has a great and fun year at college. Cheers to you all and keeping fingers crossed for good news for Andrew. 💕 Jen

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Cynthia Austin
    Cynthia Austin

    Wow! What an amazing accomplishment for all of you! Awe inspiring! Hoping for the best for you all! Melissa

    10 months ago · Reply
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