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Jill Navone Jill Navone

You were a true rockstar tonight! You amazed and inspired us all! As always, Jimmy was proud to be your team mate! And he is looking forward to being your team mate again next summer!!!

Katherine Maddison Katherine Maddison

- Also, you have such great friends!

Katherine Maddison Katherine Maddison

I'm so glad you're home and will make it to Michigan! I will see you soon!
Cuz Kath
P.S. Happy (late) Birthday, Ben!

Ben Fox Ben Fox

Hey Jack,

We really missed your presence in the dugout and your home runs the last half of the season. I was glad to hear you beat that blood clot and I hope you're doing alright now.

I also happen to have a little present from the team in my possession. I'd like to drop it off sometime and see how you're doing.

Stay strong, buddy!

Coach Ben

Nick V. DiMartino Nick V. DiMartino

SO glad you are home Jack! Your courage and strength is an inspiration to us all. Win it kid! Love, the DiMartino Family

Katherine Maddison Katherine Maddison

How are you feeling? I know once I had to get anesthesia for a minor surgery (I don't even know if it counts because it was just a bean I stupidly stuck in my ear) and I would have fallen flat on my face if my mom hadn't caught me. In my defense, I was seven.
Cuz Kath

Katherine Maddison Katherine Maddison

I hope you enjoyed the fireworks! I remember one 4th of July when I was like 8 all of the older cousins set off a ton of fireworks 10ft. from the condo. Jack S. finished it off by lighting around 10 stink bombs at once.
Cuz Kath

Katherine Maddison Katherine Maddison

Don't play too much Xbox. It can turn your brain to mush. Try reading something or do a puzzle or something. Love you lots and hope to see you soon,
Cousin Katherine

Aidan Deem Aidan Deem

Hi Jack,
Sorry to hear you're still in the hospital. I hope you come home soon. Miss having you around at practice. See you soon.

Marilyn Schwegman Marilyn Schwegman

Jack are you improving your xbox skills? Love you so much. Keep up the good work. Grams M

Aidan Deem Aidan Deem

Happy birthday Jack!
Sorry to have to miss your party tonight. At least I got to go over & add to the decorations late last night. Fun times!
Have a great day

JoEllen O'Reilly JoEllen O'Reilly

Hey Jack! Your City team misses you and sends good, healing vibes your way! In an effort to keep you in the game, they're sporting "I Am Strong" ACA bracelets. They're playing hard for you, they're strong for you, and today they won for you! Stay strong, Jack!

Pattty Maddison Pattty Maddison

Happy early birthday! Heard grandma is coming to see you. I highly suggest that you ask her to make you some of her yummy corn dogs!

--------Mary :) :)