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Posted 2019-02-09T07:53:47Z

30 Days Post-op

We’re about 30 days post-op and although recovery is going to be much longer than anticipate, Jailum is progressing well. On January 25, we transferred to the rehab hospital in Santa Clara. It’s the same rehab hospital he was at last time and we expect to be here for another week.[...]

Posted 2014-11-25T05:44:15Z

One year ago today...

Today officially marks the one year anniversary of Jailum’s hemorrhage. Looking back at what Jailum has been through we couldn’t be more proud of our little man. From his regular therapy sessions to everyday activities his resiliency continues to amaze us each and every day.[...]

Posted 2014-04-12T01:46:08Z

Out of surgery

After 6 hours in surgery the team is over 90% confident all of the AVM has been removed. Won't know for certain until they do an angio on Monday but it looks like Jailum has crossed his last big hurdle. We're thankful for all the prayers and well wishes and are especially thankful to the team of doctors at Stanford.[...]

Posted 2014-03-22T18:26:43Z

Surgery Date has been Set

Hi Everyone,

A surgery date was been set for April 11. Jailum will first check into the hospital on April 10th for another MRI prior to the surgery. Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue with Jailums therapy and get him as strong as possible for surgery. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and prayers. Please keep them going and pray for a successful surgery and outcome.[...]