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Posted 2017-11-15T15:24:00Z

Best Holiday in Europe

At the end of the Ephesus Beyond the Aegean, Aydin was far and west of Turkey in the west of the city of Edirne. Edirne kentide very nice highway way use a luxury
By bus we were in the center of town of Edirne. The city of Edirne is a very special city that has made the capital of the Ottoman state. During this journey, Edirne's taste
 As for dessert Baden Paste, as a meal Fried Pancake Edirne Selimiye mosque eaten in a restaurant close to a dine and dessert. Edirne Selimiye mosque was built by Ottoman Sultan Selim and this mosque was built in a short time like 5 years. This building was built by Mimar Sinan in the city of Edirne and it is my masterpiece. Magnificent Sultan Selim the son of Suleyman. This building, which is literally classical Turkish ottoman architecture, was built as a stone structure. Already the main entrance gate is very big and there is a mosque after the gate of the gate. Immediately there are ceramics that are very influential and especially dominated by blue color. HAtta Despite the fact that Tulip and Rose flower motifs are processed in these ceramics. There is manuscript line writing on the upper right side of the altar to the right and left. This manuscript is written in the lines of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad private istanbul tours[...]