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Best Holiday in Europe

At the end of the Ephesus Beyond the Aegean, Aydin was far and west of Turkey in the west of the city of Edirne. Edirne kentide very nice highway way use a luxury
By bus we were in the center of town of Edirne. The city of Edirne is a very special city that has made the capital of the Ottoman state. During this journey, Edirne's taste
 As for dessert Baden Paste, as a meal Fried Pancake Edirne Selimiye mosque eaten in a restaurant close to a dine and dessert. Edirne Selimiye mosque was built by Ottoman Sultan Selim and this mosque was built in a short time like 5 years. This building was built by Mimar Sinan in the city of Edirne and it is my masterpiece. Magnificent Sultan Selim the son of Suleyman. This building, which is literally classical Turkish ottoman architecture, was built as a stone structure. Already the main entrance gate is very big and there is a mosque after the gate of the gate. Immediately there are ceramics that are very influential and especially dominated by blue color. HAtta Despite the fact that Tulip and Rose flower motifs are processed in these ceramics. There is manuscript line writing on the upper right side of the altar to the right and left. This manuscript is written in the lines of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad private istanbul tours


I do not think Istanbul is as special as any other city. So I stayed in the most beautiful room in the historical mansion which was firstly handled by a very charming family located in istanbul sultanahmet. Lakin was originally in the early morning, and after a breakfast buffet which is all Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, at around 09:00 am, tour guide Ender Bey with his tour guide is very detailed about istanbul oldcity and very detailed about the Byzantine and Ottoman empire I have the information. After Istanbul became the capital of the Eastern Roman empire as Constantine. firstly this city has been surrounded by extremely large and thick walls around the city to be reliable. This magnificent city was conquered by Mehmed the Conqueror who was the great ruler in 1453 and became an Ottoman Turkish emperor. An important water problem in this city was largely made in this period. This solves the water problem of the city of Istanbul with aqueducts and waterways from outside the city. There is even the Yerebatan Cistern, right next to Istanbul Hagia Sophia. Although this area is very large, this was done to meet the water need of the oldcity district of istanbul. Anyway, this cistern was built during the Eastern Roman period.


This is the oldest settlement in Istanbul seen during our journey in istanbul tours It is the natural inner harbor of Golden Horn and Aksaray. Already the excavations made here have found many ships built from ancient Greece and prehistoric monuments. Hagia Sophia is at the beginning of the oldest structures in istanbul. This was made by the emperor Justinian of the time. It was built as the largest orthodox church in the world. Later on, the Sultan started to be in the time of mehmet and 4 minarets were added. On the other hand, istanbul Blue mosque was constructed, which is the most beautiful as it was built about 100 years later and made in the time of the Ottoman Empire. Of course this structure was made by the popular architect Sedefkar Mehmet of the Ottoman empire. This structure, which was built in 10 years, is the emperor of the period, ottoman
Sultan Ahmed made a mosque bearing his name. Inside is a special colored iznik ceramics made of Burasan which is different from others. In addition, each mosque built in the period of 4 minarets, while the istanbul blue mosque is very elegant, even a dolma kalemeserek resembles. It has been serving continuously since the day it was opened. There is even a blue mosque marmara sea and a unique view of Istanbul's BOsphorus.


During the whole week I roamed and admired the old city streets of Istanbul, which was the capital for the Ottoman Empire. As a weekend tour we made a trip to the cities of Bursa and Edirne, which made the capital for the Ottoman Empire. firstly i believe in istanbul edirne very beautiful and very comfortable and after a wonderful motorway journey to Edirne as far as the capikule that opens to the west of Turkey. Already when entering private turkey tours Edirne I saw how much woodland and historical city this place was very easy to see. Edirne is located in oldcity Mosque and Edirne is the oldest city in the city and the city is formed around this mosque. There are quite large caravanserai and 2-storied houses with a pool. In general, this kind of historical mansions serves as a special boutique hotel. There are also cafes for the Tiger Kebab, which is identified with Edirne under these historical mansions. Also there are sweetened candies made from Badem which is unique to Edirne and pastry shops which are believed to be very sweet. The other magnificent structure of Edirne city is Edirne Selimiye mosque which was built on the borders of the Ottoman Empire. There are day tours organized to come to Selimiye mosque from the surroundings of Edirne and istanbul. Especially on Fridays and weekends, people who are out of the country are doing Selimiye mosque religious worship.


Selimiye and especially after a wonderful trip to the city of the Ottoman Empire was founded in the city of Bursa we have traveled. During this journey, we passed the caravanship and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge to the city of Bursa. For this wonderful city people are called Green Bursa. The reason for having a green Bursa is as if the city was built into a wooded area. Bursa Uludağ is the highest point of the city and it is reached by a car and then a cable car. Even here is how the summit is the white color of all the Bursa Uludag huts where pine trees are located. There private cappadocia tours are special picnic areas here. From here, we went to the Bursa Grand Mosque, where the Ottoman Sultan Yıldırım Beyazit was built and the mosque has its own dome and 12 mosque dome and one extremely short minaret. Already after Yıldırım Beyazıt Ulu Mosque, he fought with Timur in 1405. Unfortunately, this battle was overthrown by the Ottoman Sultan Yıldırım Beyazıt and his captivity. In Blue mosque, there are custom made ceramics and carpets in Bursa. The walls of the Mosue outer courtyard and the inner courtyard were built as stone masonry buildings. The most beautiful example of Seljuk architecture.

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