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Posted 2018-10-21T17:06:34Z

Day 5

  Photos are from yesterday ­čśŐJamie has had a chest x-ray, echocardiogram, and EKG.  The Dr is looking over everything now to see if we can go home. Fingers crossed![...]

Posted 2018-10-20T16:18:05Z

Day 4 Update # 2

Jamie got his chest tube out and all of his big  bandages and wires are gone. He has some tape over his chest incision and a regular band aid over the spot where his chest tube was.  We can dress him in regular clothes and go to the big play areas on other floors.  [...]

Posted 2018-10-20T14:00:29Z

Day 4 Update # 1

Jamie had a pretty good night last night.  Our biggest issue was that he decided to quietly remove his IV by himself sometime between 11 and 12 so when his nurse came to give him his meds she found him covered in IV fluid and blood.  It was pretty scary but he didn't seem to care at all and was mad when she woke him up. We got him cleaned up and she made a deal with him that if he drank something she wouldn't put it back in. Over the next hour and a half he managed to drink 8 oz of happy milk while playing cars and banging on a drum....we did not sleep much.Drums[...]

Posted 2018-10-19T19:50:34Z

Day 3 Update # 1

Jamie is progressing really well. He has a couple hours after getting pain meds where he is feeling pretty good and is willing to move around.  This afternoon he asked to stand up and he walked all the way to the playroom.  We are playing with some trucks and race cars now and he's even smiling. [...]

Posted 2018-10-19T16:16:03Z

Day 3

Holding JamieJamie had a rough night but was in a pretty good mood when I got to the hospital this morning. They were able to take out his catheter and his Central line which was in his neck. It's a little easier for him to move around and daddy was able to hold him.  He ate another popsicle but is refusing all other food...even a donut.  The nurse said he should have his appetite back later today or tomorrow.[...]

Posted 2018-10-19T02:47:35Z

Surgery Day Update # 4

Today. Was.  Rough.  I don't think anything could've prepared us for how sad our little buddy was when he woke up....and they are telling us that tomorrow is the worst day for him.  He's content for now...he had two popsicles, half a blueberry muffin, and some happy milk (which is Jamie code for warm milk).  He's settled in for the night with his newly cleaned blankie, his favorite pancake car, and his daddy by his side.   The saddest popsicle everSleepy boy[...]

Posted 2018-10-18T16:11:35Z

Surgery Day Update # 3

Surgery is all done!  Jamie did super well and there were no issues.  The surgeon also saw a tiny hole between the upper two chambers and stitched that closed as well.  We will get to see him in about an hour and a half.  He's staying in the ICU overnight and will be moved to general care tomorrow.  We are very relieved that everything went well and we are so thankful for all of the comments and support from everyone![...]