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Jamie's Jaunt

Jamie had emergency surgery November 23rd for acute internal bleeding as a result of a ruptured ovary. The pathology report indicated there was a Granulosa Cell tumor. (About 1% of ovarian cancers are ovarian stromal cell tumors. Types of malignant (cancerous) stromal tumors include granulosa cell tumors -the most common type). Based on the emergency uncontrolled nature of the surgery, it could also not be determined what ruptured -the ovary or tumor or both. In the weeks that followed two gynecological oncologists were consulted both in WI & AZ and it was recommend that based on tumor & rupture this is considered stage 1c ovarian cancer and chemo would be the next best course of action. Long term prognosis is very good for this type of tumor. Chemo (Carboplatin & Taxol) started February 12, 2015 at Aurora West Allis Medical Center. Moving forward there will be 5 more treatments. Each treatment is tentatively going to be 3 weeks apart.

A little background of the night of November 23rd. Jamie being the strong willed (at times) person that she is, waited approx 4 hours in excruciating pain before driving herself to the hospital. By the time she got to the hospital, her vitals were very poor, blood pressure was extremely low and she was not in good shape. Quickly the doctors identified she had internal bleeding and surgery was necessary. Next the phone call to Mom in AZ at 4:00 am......."Mom, don't panic, I'm at the hospital and I have internal bleeding, I need to have surgery." WHAT? Go figure it was opening day of deer hunting so her brother Jason was "up-north". Stephanie his wife was home with the kids. Thankfully our friend Judi Wisla came to the rescue and headed to the hospital. Shortly thereafter Stephanie was able to head there as well (thanks to Kathy for watching the kids at 6:30 am!). Off Jamie went into surgery. It really wasn't until a few days later that we pieced things together from the doctor. Jamie was really lucky to be alive! She lost approximately 2.5 pints of blood and the surgery was a pretty precarious situation. Details a little too gruesome. After 4 days in the hospital she headed to Judi's for some TLC for a few days before going back to her condo. On December 11th, about 2 1/2 weeks after surgery Jamie headed to AZ to recuperate. During the time in Arizona, we met with several doctors at Mayo Clinic. January 7th Jamie headed back to WI and later that week was cleared to return to work on the 12th.