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Chemo Round #9/#10, Wellness Series #2 Exercise and Birthday Gratitude!

Good Morning,

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers! Last week I was able to receive my 9th round of chemo on Friday (which was great news as my blood counts recovered from the infection).  It feels good to be back on my treatment schedule.  I will see Dr. Nunes and receive my 10th round of chemo on this Thursday.  7 more chemo treatments to go to reach a total of 16 by the end of May. 

Also, my surgery date is set for June 20th at MD Anderson.  Please pray for the best possible outcomes for my surgery.  We are praying for a complete pathological response and for no complications during surgery.  Woohoo! I'm already looking forward to hearing the good news that this cancer is GONE.

Wellness Series #2 EXERCISE:

Exercise is another healthy habit with benefits beyond cancer fighting, but recent studies have shown that exercising 4-7 times a week helps prevent return of breast cancer.  Exercise (like diet) is a great preventative measure to fight cancer. 

I really like to exercise!  It is one of my favorite stress-reducers and social activities.  My challenge is always finding the time in my busy schedule during the work week.  Before my diagnosis, I worked out in the mornings with a trainer twice a week for a full-body workout and I enjoy Barre3/Yoga classes on the weekends.  Christos and I also try to take family walks as much as the crazy DC weather will allow us.  I have been taking it easier during my chemo treatment working out with a trainer once a week and walking as much as possible. And running after a 18-month old!!!

So make it a priority to work out!  Make it fun!  Find a friend to go for a walk or try a new class at the gym.  After my surgery and radiation is complete this summer--I am going to set the goal of working out 5 days a week.  Below are two interesting links to learn more about exercise and cancer.

Lastly, Friday was my birthday!  This year I really took the time to reflect on my blessings and to feel present and grateful.  I am grateful: to be alive, to be a wife to Christos and mama to Jacob, for a job I like, for our home, for faith, family and friends.  Friday was a great day even if I did spend my birthday getting chemo.  One of my dearest and oldest friends, Robyn, was with me which made it fun.  The day was also filled with flowers, cupcakes, happy emails and text.  We ended the day with a great meal at the wharf with friends.  There is nothing better than spending time with Christos and my friends.  I hope to celebrate lots more birthdays with a grateful heart!!! 


Jan, Christos and Jacob


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