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Reflecting on my Last Day of Treatment

Good Afternoon,

Yesterday I had my last radiation treatment!  I got to "ring the bell" three times to celebrate the end of my cancer treatment.  16 chemo rounds, surgery, 30 radiation treatments DONE!  It was a happy day!!!  In my mind and heart--it was a party filled with gratitude and it looked like this: On a beautiful Greek Island, Jayz and Beyonce were my DJs, bottles were popping, fireworks, all my friends and family were there...In reality, I was alone and I had 5 doctors appointments starting at 7:30am before catching the last flight to D.C. last night. Haha!

I am so grateful for God's healing and strength through this difficult time.  I am thankful for every single prayer whispered for me.  I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal routine in DC being a wife, mother and consultant.

A HUGE thank you to the Stewart Family (Patrick, Katie and Emma) who basically adopted me this summer in Houston and allowed me to stay at your home when I didn't even know how long I'd be there.  You provided a safe, comfortable space for me to heal.  Our family will forever remember your kindness.  We loved our neighborhood dinners and our playtime with you! 

Next Steps:

I will see my oncologist at MD Anderson on October 1st (and every three months) for the next two years when the risk of the cancer returning is the highest.  I will officially be declared cancer free in 5 years.  BUT for my purposes I am cancer free because I know it is NOT coming back!  I have FAITH that God has a plan for our family and it includes me in it. 

Thank you for your continued prayers.  I'll continue to strive to make healthy changes and live life fully. I hope you do too!


Jan, Christos and Jacob


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