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Janice Door

For the care of and update for Janice Door, healing from Lymphoma since Sept 2018

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Posted 2020-02-29T21:21:45Z


NOT ALLOWED: Raw fruits and vegetables. No nuts or fresh herbs unless cooked.

Casseroles or other food that can be frozen would be ideal. Servings of six or less probably best.

No Wheat- ONLY Gluten-free pasta, bread, etc. (She does not have Celiac disease, so any food marked gluten-free is fine.)

FOOD FAVORITES (her appetite isn't great, so having food available that she likes is really helpful).
In case you want to make a casserole or such here are some of the things she likes: 
Cream cheese
Canned fish
Vegetables: Broccoli, carrot, peas, corn, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms
Meats: No chicken unless in small bits or tenders, steak pieces, pulled pork in sauce, fish (canned or fresh)
Sauces: Sweet & sour, ranch, teriyaki, hot chili sauce, barbeque

She likes Mexican food best (ALL corn tortillas only, please)  but also Thai, Indian and American

FOR BILL: Having food for him would be really nice. He likes most foods, mostly meat and potatoes, but likes vegetables, too. Not too spicy for all foods in general. 


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