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Janice’s breast cancer journey

Hello! This website will give current information about my breast cancer treatment. I also encourage everyone to be diligent on their health care. You’re important!!!! [...] read more

Latest journal entry

God is Good

Good morning. Thursday the 13th was chemotherapy day. It was also our 21 wedding anniversary. We went out the 12th instead and had a wonderful meal at The Cottage Bar and Grill in Grand Rapids. It’s said to be one of the oldest building in GR. It used to be a stage coach station. It looked old and rustic and we loved it. 

Today is the 2nd day after chemo and the steroids and anti nausea meds are wearing off. I’m getting tired and the flu like symptoms are coming on good so after this update I’m shutting phone down. I so love reading and catching up with everyone. But right now I need rest. 

A dear friend is bringing dinner by later. Her mother brought dinner after our first chemotherapy treatment.  Wonderful scalloped potato with side of beans. Kids and dan gobbled it up fast. I had some. Appetite isn’t it’s best. 

As you know I say “we” when I refer to my breast cancer. Because it effects our whole family.... we have cancer. We are a team. We fight together. I’m not alone in this. My family, extended family and all my friends and neighbors have rallied together to help us. 

Dan and the kids shaved my head. Lol. It was shedding everywhere. It had to go. How cold my head is! I’ll get used to it. But men have no idea how it is when that’s all they’ve known. At least the ones who keep it short. Lol


ok, enough about me. PLEASE GO TO DR REGULARLY!! Yes, I caught  my own cancer. 

Mammogram should of caught it. It was there. And was there the year before. Do your own exams at home too. Mine was dismissed. I was send home with an “all clear”. That’s another story I don’t want to get into now. 

But if you feel you need to get second option, do it! Trust your gut. 

Love to all sorry about long update. I do get long winded at times.  

Love God. Love Jesus. Amen. ~Janice 

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