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Posted 2019-04-15T18:04:28Z

Long Time - No Write - My apologies!!

We are so happy to be done with the chemotherapy phase of my treatment.  I finished on Thursday, April 11th.  I want to thank all the wonderful doctors and nurses who took such great care of me!  For the most part, I sailed through with little affects on me.  I just got back from St. Joseph Hospital where  met with my new Radiation Oncologist, Dr. James Jacobs.  I was thrilled with him and feel I am in good hands for this next stage.  He spent 2 hours with me in a consultation.

I will have a CAT scan this Friday where they will map out the exact details of the radiation treatments.   Then I start daily radiation for 3 weeks on May 6th (my birthday).  I will be completely recovered and ready to greet my new grandson in June. What a thrill for both Rudy and me!  Life really is GOOD!!!

Thanks to all of you for all your support and love.  I surely do feel the positive thoughts and prayers!!


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Comments (6)

  • Abby Shepard
    Abby Shepard

    3 weeks instead of 6! What wonderful news Jan! Great to hear you also like your Dr. It was so great seeing you and Rudy! You look amazing and are so strong. Love always The Shepards

    one year ago · Reply
  • jana viles
    jana viles

    amazing honey, you are sailing right thru this bump in the road of your life... so thrilled that you will be done and ready to become a Grandma... its the best! Sending you much love and Aloha, daily... in my thoughts and prayers... Jana

    one year ago · Reply
  • Scott MacDonald
    Scott MacDonald

    Hi Jan, I’m so had to hear how well things are going. I’m sure you will rock the next phase as well. Trish and I would love to see you two sometime before your grand bay arrives. Love Scott

    one year ago · Reply
  • Sheri Laster
    Sheri Laster

    Hallelujah AMEN AMEN!!! So grateful to know that chemo is in year view mirror! You are a force & an incredible inspiration to us all! I couldn’t be prouder or love you more!!! Good things come to those who wait! Baby Boy Martin is blessed Indeed to get you, an amazing Grandma💞

    one year ago · Reply
  • Craig Blaser
    Craig Blaser

    Great news! Your positivity and strength are an inspiration. Grandma Jan has a nice ring to it

    one year ago · Reply
  • Amber Sapin
    Amber Sapin

    You are such an inspiration for us all...attitude is everything and you have a great on! Hugs and mucho amor from CA. I get to hug you soon...XO

    one year ago · Reply