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Jasmine is amazing

Jasmine Williams was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2019. This site is to help inform people and let them know how they can help her and her wonderful family, Bria[...] read more

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Posted 2019-05-31T16:22:46Z

Update from Janelle

Jas is being a trooper - she says she trying to make it - appreciates the encouraging thoughts & prayers going up, and all of the positive thoughts & vibes going up for her.  


Jas has moved past 3rd chemo session - she's still working at the eat bland food things, for sure after chemo session, but still seems to be okay re: chicken (plain, cooked chicken - likes the drummettes & wings) when she starts nibbling.

Unfortunately some side effects caught up with her: caught a cold, experiencing hot flashes, got sty on eyelid & had to have Antibiotic Rx. Heartburn reared itself so she's doing antacid for that & when her bones ache the Oncologist suggested Claritin to relieve the aching.


She does let the girls pre-occupy her in regard to doing what she can do during their day to day routine, when she can, after adjusting to chemo doing its thing those first few days after treatment.

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